Your standard drywall can be installed in any indoor area. From domestic to commercial Typical use in domestic is to convert a garage in bedroom/office or in house to create a room. For commercial it will be used to create offices and storage inside main building. Your standard height is between 2.4m to 3.6m.We normally finish it with an aluminium wall/top channel on top and against the brick walls.

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Standard board product. Gyproc RhinoBoard 12.5mm consists of an aerated gypsum core encased in, and firmly bonded to strong paper liners. Gyproc RhinoBoard 9mm is plasterboard that is suitable for ceilings and bulkheads in residential and commercial buildings. Waste from gypsum plasterboard products is normally classified as ‘non-hazardous’, inert and is fully recyclable.

Key facts

  • Provide versatile, distinctive aesthetics
  • Enhances the interior styling of any building


  • Suitable for most applications where normal fire, structural and acoustic levels are specified

Board color

  •  Ivory Face Side Paper
  •  Reverse Side Paper

Product standards

RhinoBoard 12.5mm is manufactured according to ISO 9001 Quality management system and ISO 14001 Environmental management system and complies to SANS 266.

Reaction to fire performance

For the purpose of National Building regulations Part T: Fire, RhinoBoard 12.5mm is regarding as noncombustible i.e. Gypsum board with less than 7.5% paper or other combustibles

Limitations of use

Gyproc RhinoBoard 12.5mm is unsuitable for use in temperatures above 49°C but can be subjected to freezing conditions without risk of damage. Gyproc RhinoBoard 12.5mm is unsuitable for any areas subjected to prolonged immersion, such as shower bases or swimming pools without have ventilation and a controlled environment