This type of ceiling is a 9mm gypsum board with either steel, timber or galve grid and is skimmed with rhinolite to get that smooth finish that you don’t see any joints between boards. Mostly used in the new homes and in office buildings. The trend in commercial buildings are that most areas are covered with 600x1200 suspended ceiling and key areas such as reception, boardrooms and kitchens are done with Flush Plastered ceilings.

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Gypframe N is the ideal ceiling grid product when specifying a concealed ceiling grid that requires complex shapes, multiple levels and quick installation. The use of a main-bar and cross furring channel components ensure accurate quick installation. The Gypframe N grid is suitable for RhinoBoard 6.4, 9, 12.5 and 15mm plasterboards. Gyptone and Rigitone tiles and boards can also be used in acoustic applications.