About Us
Ceiling and Drywall Fanatics was established due to the high demand by home owners and construction entities for specialised interior finishes.
Our craftsmanship and creativity remains unmatched in the construction industry, be it for the home renovators or large developers.
At Ceiling and Drywall Fanatics we understand that what we install today becomes a fixture in your future. Our priority is making sure you’re satisfied. We select only the highest quality materials based on supplier reputation, warranties, and post installation supplier backup.

What we do
We specialize in Ceiling, Drywall, Glass / Aluminium Partitioning and Paint. We can be your turnkey solution..


Our vision aims to take all the stress away from our clients. It doesn't matter if you require a small repair, or a brand new office block - we see ourselves as a brand leader in customer service. From time of first contact, to handing over of sites, we strive to give our clients the best advise. We strive to do this before their projects starts, and we keep our clients up to date during the planning phase, as well as while projects are running.

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